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Warning: the documents checked in column G express the ideology of the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi or show tolerance towards it.
Doc G Card Date Author Title Source
D T 34267 May 4, 1994 Mfume, Kweisi Letter to The Honorable William J. Clinton United States Congress
D T 34220 May 13, 1994 Simon, Paul Letter to Président William J. Clinton United States Congress
D T 34221 June 15, 1994 Hastings, Alcee L. Génocide = Rwanda. Condemnation = H. Res. 453 United States Congress
D T 33642 October 17, 2023 Carson, André Resolution condemning all acts of violence, oppression, and abuse against ethnic minorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo United States Congress
D T 33538 January 12, 2024 Mc Garvey, Morgan Letter to The Honorable ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield United States Congress

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