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Warning: the documents checked in column G express the ideology of the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi or show tolerance towards it.
Doc G Card Date Author Title Source
D T 708 18 juin 1994 Interview du préfet Sylvain Nsabimana lors d'un transfert d'orphelins au Burundi par l'ONG Terre des hommes [Transcription du TPIR ; date supposée] BBC
V T 16006 August 20, 1995 Bradshaw, Steve The Bloody Tricolour BBC
V T 17236 March 30, 2004 Bradshaw, Steve BBC Panorama: When Good Men Do Nothing BBC
D T 14854 October 24, 2006 An investigation into France's alleged role in the genocide in Rwanda is due to begin BBC
D 30279 24 septembre 2008 French author in dock over Rwanda BBC
D T 24588 May 17, 2011 Rwanda: How the genocide happened BBC
D T 26889 April 3, 2014 Doyle, Mark A good man in Rwanda BBC
V T * 8957 October 1, 2014 Corbin, Jane Excerpt from the documentary "Rwanda's Untold Story" [Negationism] BBC
S T 24685 5 juillet 2019 Djennad, Nadir Amiral Jacques Lanxade : "La France n'a pas commis d'erreur pendant le génocide de 1994 au Rwanda" BBC
V T 33576 February 2022 Keane, Fergal Horizon - Fergal Keane: Living with PTSD BBC

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