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Sunday May 15, 1994
[Discussion of a draft resolution about UNAMIR ans embargo on arms]
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2933 – 15-05

On 13 May, the SC discussed a draft of a Rwanda resolution, first in a
working group, later in informals. Formulating UNAMIR’s mandate and
considering the need for an arms embargo were the key points under
discussion. It resulted in a draft with its operative part divided in
three (A – expanding UNAMIR’s mandate, but exclusively oriented at
humanitarian activity under Chapter VI of the Charter; B – sanctions
under Chapter VII; and C -­‐ concluding arrangements). The draft
follows from and adds to resolution 912. In the course of the day, the
SC received SG’s report on Rwanda.

Rwanda has objections to the draft (arms embargo) but nobody pays any
attention to it. The RF has problems with the insufficient intensity
that the draft gives to creating secure areas; for unclear reasons,
the Russians had firm instructions from Moscow on that. This point
concerns para 2a, according to which UNAMIR will create these areas –
with the UK and US insisting that the text include the words “as
appropriate”. RF categorically rejects this. (CZ insists on them as
well: there are five times as many IDPs in the country than in any
gathering points, these areas will become magnets which will make the
IDP problem even worse, and finally such areas on the border of
Burundi would have an unwelcome influence on destabilizing the fragile
balance in B.)

Apart from all this a problem with the US is expected. In their view,
drafting the resolution was the easiest part of the job. A group of
military experts is to arrive in New York from Washington on Monday,
to review with the UN Secretariat the feasibility of the alternatives.

The SC will continue on Monday with informals to consider the SG’s
report. It is unlikely that the resolution would be adopted the same


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