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Thursday June 23, 1994
[SG Boutros-Ghali promises to forward to Security Council the report of the Commission of Human rights special rapporteur. Discussion about the draft reolution to form a commission of experts]
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3444 – 23-­06

The SG made three comments [on Rwanda]:

a. He expressed his hope that yesterday’s SC decision (resolution 929) “will contribute
to restoring peace in Rwanda and will forestall the expansion of the crisis to

b. He admitted that he is receiving contradictory information from his people in the
area (he mentioned also the UNAMIR Commander); adding that his SR, Khan, is
leaving for Rwanda soonest.

c. He mentioned that the CHR special rapporteur on Rwanda should complete his
report on 24 June and promised to forward it to the SC forthwith.

Amb of France expressed his concern over reports that some countries are allegedly
reconsidering their offer to contribute to UNAMIR and appealed that the operation be
brought up to strength as soon as possible.

Ambs of Sp and Arg requested the Secretariat to evaluate the possibility that the Rwanda
conflict might spread to neighboring Burundi. (The SG didn’t answer this question. It is
assumed, however, that the Secretariat will offer such information at the earliest opportune

A Non-­?Non meeting on Rwanda

On the initiative of Spain, the Non-­?Non group met at its delegation’s premises to discuss the
modified draft resolution on creating an expert commission which would investigate
violations of international humanitarian law. Spanish Amb Barnuevo stated that he intends
to present the draft during informals on 23 June and would like the draft to go to a vote as
early as mid next week. Apart from the Non-­?Nons, Barnuevo counts on the support of the P-­?
4. The question is NAM’s position. The US is apparently “working on” Nigeria to support the
draft and France is “pressing” Djibouti. Oman and Pakistan could also vote in favor, though
this is not certain. Rwanda’s Bizimana has unofficially adopted a positive attitude but of
course that depends on instructions he will get from the “interim” government.

In the course of the discussion the view was expressed that adopting this draft could mollify
the attitudes of the RPF which is ticked off at the SC for yesterday’s resolution which gave
the green light to France’s military intervention in Rwanda. Creating a commission which
would investigate specific responsibilities of specific people (Hutus) for the massacres
(mostly Tutsis) is something the RPF has been appealing for for some time already. In
contrast, the NZ Amb believes we should wait a few days before adopting this resolution,
“until the dust settles” after the uproar caused by adopting res. 929 and until it is clearer
how France is managing to meet their mission in Rwanda. We ourselves are inclined to
support the second alternative.

We are requesting HQ for instructions (on 24 June) for further steps and for information
whether we should co-­?sponsor the resolution (Spain has asked us and other Non-­?Non
members for this).

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