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D T 14013 June 23, 1994 McGreal, Chris Paris Stands By As Arms Pour Through Eastern Zaire The Guardian
D T 2260 June 23, 1994 McGreal, Chris Paris Stands by as Arms Pour Through Eastern Zaire The Guardian
D T 2280 June 27, 1994 McGreal, Chris Nightly Persecution of the Whispering Tutsi Nuns The Guardian
D T 16106 June 28, 1994 McGreal, Chris Slim Pickings At Rwanda's Deadly Checkpoints The Guardian
D T 2261 June 29, 1994 McGreal, Chris Rwanda Through The Looking-Glass of a Cosy Hotel The Guardian
D T 2262 July 1, 1994 McGreal, Chris French compromised by collaboration in Rwanda The Guardian
D T 14157 July 4, 1994 McGreal, Chris Hunted Rwandans Tell Of Courage Amid Cruelty The Guardian
D T 27118 5 juillet 1994 McGreal, Chris Town whose senses are dead to slaughter The Guardian
D T 14292 July 15, 1994 McGreal, Chris RPF Troops Poised to Grasp Hollow Victory in Rwanda The Guardian
D T 14321 July 18, 1994 McGreal, Chris Remnants of Beaten Army Enter Zaire. The Guardian
D T 14390 23 July 1994 Mcgreal, Chris Rwandan apocalypse The Guardian
D T 14533 August 3, 1994 McGreal, Chris Church Fails To Sever Ties With 'killers' The Guardian
D T 14547 August 4, 1994 McGreal, Chris Eyewitness - Terror Brigade Keeps Refugees In The Camps The Guardian
D T 1050 August 27, 1994 McGreal, Chris French Accused of Protecting Killers The Guardian
D T 2269 December 19, 1994 McGreal, Chris Routed Rwandan Army Plans Intifada-Style Comeback The Guardian
D T 27324 December 22, 1999 McGreal, Chris 'We couldn't believe the UN was going to let us die' The Guardian
D T 27276 29 mars 2004 McGreal, Chris 'It's so difficult to live with what we know' The Guardian
D 11769 March 29, 2004 McGreal, Chris It's so difficult to live with what we know The Guardian
D T 2276 January 11, 2007 McGreal, Chris France's shame? The Guardian
D T 22791 March 27, 2009 McGreal, Chris Out of Africa The Guardian
D T 21251 May 23, 2010 McGreal, Chris Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons The Guardian
D T 24341 February 15, 2014 McGreal, Chris How 'accomplice' to Rwanda genocide turned up in a rural English pulpit The Guardian

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