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Warning: the documents checked in column G express the ideology of the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi or show tolerance towards it.
Doc G Card Date Author Title Source
D T 2252 February 23, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey Rwanda tribal rampage feared after two politicians are killed The Guardian
D T 13069 April 9, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey Thousands massacred in Rwanda The Guardian
D T 2254 April 9, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey UN says factions agree to ceasefire The Guardian
D T 2255 April 10, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey Rwandan PM killed as troops wreak carnage The Guardian
D T 14170 July 5, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey Children flee to Burundi camps The Guardian
D T 14581 August 5, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey RPF Troops kill Hutus On Their Way Home The Guardian
D 26687 August 14, 1994 Hilsum, Lindsey Terrible truth of Kibuye massacres The Observer
D T 2253 March 28, 2004 Hilsum, Lindsey Rwanda's genocide could have been prevented. The UN let people
die and now it watches as the survivors die
The Observer

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